Got questions? We've got answers!

Because we know you've got questions, we've put together a list of FAQs that cover everything from shelf life to international shipping. So before you take a sip, take a peek and let us help you garnish your way to cocktail perfection!

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How long do Barback Project's garnishes last?

Our premium dehydrated garnishes can last between 3 to 12 months or longer if unopened, and 2 weeks to 6 months if opened, depending on how and where you store them. We recommend storing them in an airtight container, away from direct sunlight, moisture, and heat.

What ingredients are in Barback Project's garnishes?

Our garnishes are made of 100% dehydrated fruits, sourced from fresh and high-quality produce.

Can I customize my garnish order or order in bulk?

Yes, we offer custom orders and bulk purchases. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

What is Barback Project's return policy?

Due to safety and sanitation concerns, we do not accept returns. However, if you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, please contact us right away so we can make it right.

Can Barback Project create a custom drink menu for my event or bar program?